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Getting started

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A basic contact management app designed as guided tour of FormBolt. If you are new to FormBolt, start here before moving to the more complex apps.

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Invoicing and payments

Open-source blueprint

Manage clients, quotes, invoices and payments. The app keeps track of overdue invoices, outstanding client balances and generates monthly reports.

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Manufacturing costs

Open-source blueprint

A simple Bill-of-materials (BOM) app, which calculates the costs of products based on the raw materials, work and other parts required to manufacture them.

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Personal finance & budgeting

Coming soon

A full featured app for managing personal expenses and budgeting. Set goals and track progress with reports.

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Personal CRM

Coming soon

Manage personal contacts and relationships. Keep track of birthdays, events, loans and more.

Coming soon

Cold calling manager

Coming soon

Telemarketers can create and manage cold calling scripts, which the app displays on the screen during the actual cold calls.

Coming soon

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FormBolt?

FormBolt is a tool for creating database apps similar to the samples above. You can run premade apps or design new apps from scratch in your browser.

Do I need to be a developer to build apps?

No. FormBolt comes with a visual App Builder, which runs in your browser and makes it possible to build apps without having to write any code.

Can I run my app(s) in the cloud?

Yes. You can install FormBolt on a remotely accessible server and configure it to serve your apps over a private network or over the internet.

Is there a free version?

Yes. FormBolt is free, if only one person uses the app(s). The free version has no time restrictions and comes with all features of the commercial product.

Are there any monthly costs?

No, all commercial licenses are perpetual and you can run your FormBolt app(s) indefinitely.

How can I install a prebuilt app?

First you need to download and install FormBolt on your machine. After that you simply have to download the corresponding blueprint file and import it. FormBolt will automatically create the resulting app.

Where is my data stored?

All data including the apps themselves are stored in an embedded PostgreSQL database. All files are stored on your machine.

Is there a developer API?

Yes, you can write JavaScript and custom SQL queries.

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