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Visually design beautiful forms around your database in a matter of hours

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Visual UI Editor

Effortlessly design an unlimited number of beautiful forms for your data.

  • Connect individual forms to create any workflow
  • Fully reusable forms: Create a widget once and reuse it anywhere in your app
  • 16-column responsive grid offers complete freedom to design any layout

Design the data structure you need

Create a folder-like tree structure to organize your entire data. FormBolt automatically creates and manages the underlying database for you.


Create different forms for each individual "folder" to give your app users access to that data.

Your data is stored locally in a PostgreSQL database.

Express form structure and business logic visually

Use drag-and-drop to effortlessly create interactive forms without writing a single line of code. Optionally use JavaScript/SQL to further customize your app's behavior.


Painless migrations & updates

Use app Snapshots to release new versions of your apps or use them as restore points

Apply updates

Import snapshots to apply updates to your app with one mouse click. FormBolt takes care of migrating the database.

Revert changes

Use snapshots as restore points to revert changes and updates to your app.

Share blueprints

Export snapshots to share your blueprints with other people.

Learn the basics in 60 minutes

A detailed step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of building your first simple app without writing a single line of code.

Open tutorial

The App Builder at a glance


Unlimited number of reactive forms

Create any number of fully interactive forms automatically map and display the data stored in your database.

Flexible workflows

Connect individual forms to create wizard-like workflows in your app.

Developer API

Extend and modify your forms with custom JavaScript code. Or even build your own reusable widgets.

Automatic deployment

Your apps are automatically and instantly deployed. Modifications that you do in the App Builder are applied in real-time.

Reliable database

FormBolt relies on the mature and popular PostgreSQL database server to store your data.

No vendor lock-in

The underlying database has a simple and easy-to-understand structure. This means that at any time you can easily export all your data.

Powerful reports

Write custom SQL queries to analyze your data and build powerful and insightful reports

Import existing data

Build a FormBolt app and import your existing data from your spreadsheets or virtually any other database software.

Flexible data validation

Use mathematical expressions or customSQL queries to validate your data.

Printer-friendly forms

Print your forms or generate PDF files from different kind of documents that your organization works with. For example invoices, proposals and receipts.

Create and run awesome database apps in your browser

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